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Avatartale is a community created AU that crosses over the TV show Avatar the Last Airbender with Undertale.

One AU inspired by this crossover is called Atlatale. As of right now, this seems to be the only adaption of this AU with all of the main cast designed. 


Avatartale explores what could happen if Undertale had taken place in the Avatar the Last Airbender world. Frisk, the avatar, falls down into the underground and learns of the fate of Monsterkind. From there, they master all four elements from the main cast of undertale, and head on to face Asgore. Pacifist and Genocide routes are likely possible, with the pacifist route sparing Asgore, and the genocide route killing Asgore.  

Since this is a community AU with several people making their own adaptions, the synopsis only highlights the core plot. 


Asgore- The firelord in most cases. A firebender.

Toriel- Still the caretaker of the ruins. Also a firebender.

Frisk- The Avatar, master of all four elements.

Sans- Often depicted as a waterbender living in the water tribe called snowdin. In some cases, he has been depicted as a fire bender with similar abilities to the character Iroh from Avatar the last airbender.

Papyrus- Often depicted as a waterbender, but in some cases he is a firebender.

Undyne- A water bender. May still be the head of the royal guard.

Alphys- An earth bender, and sometimes metal bender as well, that works as the royal scientist.

Chara- The previous Avatar.

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