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AtmosTurn is another switch-up AU but in space! How exciting.

Story of AtmosTurn

Long ago, two races of species lived together, they were known as HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day, HUMANS declared a space war against MONSTERS as a powerful human thought they shouldn't live in peace. Soon, humans were victorious and sealed the monsters in the CORE of Planet G-9Y6. HUMANS then left the universe to go and start a new race with no monsters around, they would call it... EARTH. Many years later, humans not believing in the decision would die out and be killed if they entered the planet. However, one human, who was known as Chara, stayed managed to hide and not be found by anyone. One human, secretly leaving to go into space left the atmosphere. Along with them came a FISH which the human called UNDYNE as they had never left them since they were owned. Seven weeks later, the human found a wormhole and decided to take a Shortcut to G-9Y6: he thought this would be a great idea. In the process, the wormhole switched there bodies, personality and appearance, now the human was the FISH and UNDYNE was the human. The effect affected every MONSTER in the CORE and then became AtmosTurn.


Undyne - The main/protagonist role, she originally has the ability to throw spears at her enemies and can collect more types of spears throughout her adventure.

Flower Pellet Guy - The soulless angel role, Pellet Guy appears to be a blue flower attempting to sell them Flower Pellets. Occasionally, if he's left alone, he'll become slightly sad, however, he is usually happy when the fish is in presents. He is often psychopathic making creepy faces at the fish and will attempt to kill them. He can be seen on Hotdog Sans's stool attempting to sabotage any useful hotdog's you'll obtain.

Jerryblook - The recluse role, he's often crying about his lack of Wifi and online cheaters. He does not care about letting the fish through the RUINS and instead wants to make the fish give him wifi.

W.D.Gaster - The caretaker role, he guides the fish through the RUINS which he describes as his TESTING LAB or his TORTURE CHAMBER. W.D.Gaster sets lots of traps throughout the RUINS that have a tendency to kill the fish. Often, if the fish continues to die of a trap, Gaster will get fed up and show him the solution. In his fight, he becomes corrupted and corrupts him through to Flower Pellet Guy if Frisk continues dying and reaches one health.

Grillby - The judge role, he helps the protagonist through the marvelous Muffet's puzzles. He will often slack off getting drunk at his sentry jobs which is why he's so lazy: basically, he's always having a hangover. Grillby offers to sell you Fire-burgers and Tequila throughout the fish's adventure. If the fish goes on the No Mercy route killing his sister, he will follow the protagonist making everything become destroyed behind the fish using his fire abilities: this means no more backwards progression.

The Marvelous Muffet - The ambitious role, she attempts to capture the human attempting to join the royal guard and please Frisk. She is extremely narcissistic often putting her brother down calling him a fire-slacker. Muffet, in the genocide route, is extremely creepy often coming towards the fish with a bleeding knife or ripping clumps of her hair out psychotically.

Royal Guard Birds - take the role of the Royal Guard Dogs, they often ambush the fish using abilities like from the popular IOS game ANGRY BIRDS.

Frisk - The captain of the royal guard role, they are trying to kill the human using their determination spear. In the pacifist route, Frisk refuses to kill the human because of their determination holding them back. In the No Mercy route, Frisk won't turn into their true form, instead, they will attempt to join the human with Chara taking over their personality.

Temmie - The royal scientist role, she is the fish's helper throughout SPACE-MIDST despite the fish having no idea of what she is usually talking about. Temmie became the royal scientist after Bob was shattered across the universe and galaxy; Bob formally knew Temmie and wrote a multiversal message to Flowey, king of G-9Y6. She has a particular favorite for reality TV ( which in her case is Temmie doing bizarre things coated with drama ) which is Frisk's favorite too. Temmie is often nervous, stumbling on incorrect grammar and words.

Mad Dummy - The celebrity role, he attempts to murder the fish in a violent and aggressive manner. Mad Dummy doesn't hesitate to kill the human despite trying to entertain his audience in his horror TV show. He is the final boss of the CORE. In the process of the FISH moving through the CORE, Mad Dummy attempts to scare the FISH by setting jump-scare traps and having chainsaws drop near it. When the FISH flips his lever, Mad Dummy will turn into Dummy HO; in this form, he is vulnerable to spear attacks from UNDYNE.

Flowey - The monarch role, he has been psychopathic ever since he and the monsters were trapped in the CORE of G-9Y6 and is convinced he is doing this for the good of monsters. Flowey destroys the ITEM button in his fight so the FISH cannot heal during it ( ya tried ya best, and ya failed miserably ). He is the former creation from W.D.Gaster but became enemies due to Flowey's psychotic ways.

Hot-dog Sans - The Repetitive vendor role, he appears in SPACE-MIDST, FLOATING-RIVER and OUTER-CORE selling Hot Dogs and Hot Cats. He is usually idol, not getting many customers, however, when he does, he is very lazy driving customers away. He is often making puns about hot dogs to convince customers to buy some. He tells a myth about a square-shaped hot-dog and says he'll give it to you for 50,000 GOLD.

Papyrus - The Oppressed vendor role, Papyrus runs his Spaghetti store and is more commonly known as SPAGHETTI-HEAD. He is usually energetic and enjoys to run around his kitchen yet still obeying Mad Dummy's orders so he can become a TV assistant.

Annoying Salamander - The accidental God role, runs G-9Y6 and is the puppeteer of what happens in the planet. He is the species of an Oli Salamander and is found in the FALLED-STRUCTURE after not hitting any of the gravitational names in the special thanks.

alPhyS - The chaotic villager role, wants to become roYaL sieNTiS of Al village and needs the fish to give her moNeEZ to do so; once completed successfully, alPhyS will put her aL meSheEN which improves your attack in battle. If you refuse to give her moNeEZ, she will make a smirk and say: "you're a r-real s-s-smart-ass a-aren't you? ".

More switch information will be added in the future.


Character Themes
Undyne AtmosTurn, Nobody Heard Your Battle Cry, Sympthany
Flower Pellet Guy Best-Tasting Nice Cream, Blood-Enduced Ice Cream, Sour-Taste, Satisfaction
W.D.Gaster My New Test Subject, Corruption
Jerryblook Wi-Fi Complaint
Grillby ...., Fires Of Several Lovanias, The Song That Might Play When Grillby Gets Super Pissed And Turns Blue Looking Like Water But Is Boiling Hot Fire
Muffet Ahuhuhuhu, Dancing-Spider...Trousle,
Royal Guard Birds Battle Blast!
Frisk Frisk, Hide, ...ah..., Scythe Of Pure Determination, Let Me Join You, Determination Stopped Your Sins
Temmie hOi, Temmie Takes Temmie Flakes
Mad Dummy Win Or DIE, Fluff Compressor, H O R R O R!, Petrifying Power
Flowey Herrscher Von Allen, FRIEND, Justice, Disappointing Startle
alPhyS Alphys Cottage, Al Anime Mall

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