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AsylumTale is an AU.  

☀This is AsylumTale 
My Answer :

This story surrounds Frisk. We get to know who she was before she fell into the world we know of as “AsylumTale”. She is surrounded by monsters that have known humans for a long time. She before had dreams that ended up not making since. But they all started to activate ever since she entered the cave , we know of as Mt Ebott. On the surface we get a chance to see how she acted , know who she was and a little background info that will lead further into the story. Frisk falling into the underground will get to discover secrets that were left in the past .Get to know everyone's lives and know more about her self in a deeper meaning. 

As this is still in progress since last year some changes have been made to make the story have a meaning, humor, sadness. and two powerful emotions of hope and despair.

Of course Chara is in it. Her role is quite big . Her story will be told . Since we don't know what her purpose was to come to the underground a story and through research has been made . Adding in the following, a new Au Character named Lilith. Lilith is a lost soul who has a deeper connection to Chara. The first human who fell and the underground as well .

A story before Monsters and the world below.

That’s all I can say for now. I don’t wanna ruin a lot so I hope you can understand but I hope that answered it.

There's currently a drawing contest on Amino and Da (deviantart) it ends at 5/30/17.  

About the AU

This story surrounds Frisk. Frisk must look for hints that were left in the past and discover who Chara is and why she is connected to her. Following through the asylum, some things are best left alone but other forces see it otherwise.


It is the year 209X AD. A child named Frisk lived in the lovely town of yellow flowers. It was told that the greatest war broke out here. Frisk fascinated by the stories went out into the woods to see for herself. There she stood before the hole. It’s presence made the area feel intense. She leaned in closer and tried to adjust her eyesight below the underground. As she sat down the floor beneath broke and she fell. Leaving her unconscious.