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Asthet is the daughter of Broken!Science and a female Ink!Sans. The Ink!Sans being female is due to a separate Multiverse. She is non-cannon to Broken's story-line, however, due to the creator wanting Broken!Science to be cannonically single for the time being.


Asthet appears as a skeleton wearing khaki shorts, a brown, tan-sleeved shirt, a shortened lab coat with a pocket on the top right, a sash with vials hanging onto it containing different colors, brown, yellow-tinted and black shoes, with a light brown scarf. She has a rainbow mark of ink on her left cheek as well. Asthet's left eye can change shape as well, as her parents can as well depending on emotion(for example, her eye would change shape if she was angry, into an X). She carries a small painter's brush as well.


Asthet is normally kind and has the intention of remaining completely neutral or friends with everyone. However, if someone shows hostility to either her, her parents or her friends, she will turn on that person. She has a fondness for painting, from her mother, and science, from her father.


Asthet has the abilities of Ink and Broken, with a few others: She can use her brush to create figures or walls of ink, summon Ultra Blasters, teleport, use bone attacks, use a "blue attack", summon Gaster Hands, and even use an attack she calls her "Special Attack", which she never has used. Any other capabilites are unknown.



Her father figure in her Multiverse.


Her mother figure in her Multiverse.

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