Astell is from Siblingtale, a AU were Asgore and Toriel got remarried. It's a Endertale AU, but no bad thing are happening and they got a new sibling named Astell (it's not worth doing a page about the AU since it is a what if scenario).

She cannot talk but she can speak in hands.



She is like Asriel, but with a purple bow-tie and a pink blanket beneath her. The blanket is a purple sweater with a pink line on the middle. She has a birthmark on the bottom of her right ear (just pointing that in).


Not much is known. All we know so far is that she is a heartwarming, super happy, super joyful, and playful goat.



She's like any baby; even when she's 5 years old she is still friendly to goat dad.


Same as her interactions with Asgore; really friendly and nice.


Her (adoptive) sister. At first, Frisk thought thougt she was an intruder in Astell's life, but then she started to get used to being part of the Dreemur family.


She plays around with Asriel a lot. She ran away from him when he tried to give her a bath and he fed her MUSHY CARROTS. He also lied about there being a yummy pie on the ceiling.

The Girl Who Speaks In Hands

Note: Astell isn't autistic, she just...doesn't talk . She was actually inspired by Saoirse from Song of the Sea. a lot of people do it with Frisk, so I'm not sure why it's so odd when I do it with Astell. Toriel and Asgore have taken her to a doctor, and they confirmed she just cannot speak.

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