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AssociatedBackups is an AU where the minor characters take the place of the main character they are associated with.


Flowey- Was never made

Sans- Grillby

Papyrus- Annoying Dog

Grillby- Mantz (A thing that possesses random things mainly a chair)

Undyne- Monster Kid

Gerson- Undyne

Alphys- Gaster (Who never fell into the core)

Mettaton- Mad Dummy

Asgore- Gerson

Asriel- Papyrus

Chara- Sans


Asgore and Toriel live in a house and are just average monsters and are sad that their son died

The skeletons could teleport and bring 1 person times through the barrier 5 times.

Alphys still helps Bratty and Catty sell junk

This is 203X

Story of Mantz

Papyrus, Sans, and Asriel went to the surface for fun. But they were killed and Asriel's body was throught back into the mountain. Gaster made Mantz with Asriel's soul by injecting his soul with Determination and injecting a dummy with determination. But he did not know the dummy was being possessed by Napstablook. And the Determination turned Napstablook into mist with no body that could only possess things and he was fused with Asriel's soul.

Story of Grillby

Grilby was born and wanted to be a bar owner. But he saw Mantz already did so he decided to sell hot dogs. He was mad that his dad was killed Mad Dummy. So he decided to become a member of the royal guard. He is like UnderWar Grillby. He started dating a dog and now they are married.

Story of Mad Dummy

Mad Dummy was a ghost who Gaster made into a robotic demonic dummy. He was made to be an actor on a movie. But he ran away and went on a killing spree. He made a show where he kills random people, one being Flaric (Grillby's dad). Now he is all scarred and burnt from a fight with Grillby he ran away from. He owns MDD risky hotel.

Story of Monster Kid

Monster Kid saw Undyne kill someone so he stabbed Undyne to be like her. So after many years he grew up and trained hard and became leader of the royal guard. When he is killed he turns into MK the Unkilled. He goes by MK.

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