"Opportunities are presented, I shall not hesitate!"
– Asriel

Asriel is one of the main antagonist of Storyfell. He is one of the most dangerous in the underground. He is the biological child of Toriel and Asgore.



Asriel is a disciplined combatant that seeks perfection. He has mind for organized status. He has no tolerance for those who have weak views. Asriel desires to achieve his interest goal with perfection and through high status. He is sharp to compete and demands etiquette manner. However his pride can be malefical.


Asriel resembles a anthropomorphic goat-esque type of creature, with long ears, a snout, and visible fangs. He wears a red scarf, black armored shirt with spikes on the top, dark red pants with red gloves and red boots. There is a scar running down his right eye.


Asriel learn to fight along side Chara by Toriel and later came to mastery under the tutelage of Massachite. He can generate fire like his mother. He can also produce black stars.



Chara is his best friend. He has slight interrest in her, but hides it because shes a human and it wouldnt be allowed. He acts like tsundere while being near her


Shes his mother and he looks up to her. She taught him to fight.


Asgore is his father, and he doesnt see him very often because he works at the lab all the time.

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