"Frisk, I can't accept this."
– Asriel to Frisk giving SOUL Halve to him

Asriel is the Underground's prince, who, was dead for 1 Year before coming back as Flowey, a Evil Demon Flower who was Soulless.


Kid Form

Asriel is a small, 8 Year Old Goat Boss Monster, with a Green Shirt with one yellow stripe.

He has a small tuft of hair, and, black pants.

God of Hyperdeath Form

Asriel, as the Absolute GOD of Hyperdeath, has Toriel's Robe on, horns, and, black... scar things, near his ears.

Angel of Death Form

Asriel, as the Angel of DEATH, has rainbow wings (I think the Rainbow Background went into them), The Scar Things, An Orb with a Heart in it, and, Gloves.

The Wings and Gloves look like MTT NEO and Undyne the Undying's wings and gloves.

Alt. Kid Form Outfit

His Alternate Outfit has the same look, but, buttercups on the sleeves.

He also has a Buttercup Hairclip.


When he was five, he had lived in New Home for 2 Years.

One day, when he was exploring The Ruins, he saw a human!

He saw they weren't awake, and, brought them to his home.

The human was named Chara, and, they became best friends.

Chara, died from poisoning from buttercups.

Asriel, remembering how Chara hated humanity, absorbed their SOUL and went to The Surface.

They both tried to kill 6 Humans, but...




"Frisk... don't you have anything better to do?"
– Asriel to Frisk

Asriel mistakenly thought Frisk was Chara in the True Pacifist Route.

Thanks to Chara's Sacrifice, Frisk won by Chara remembering Asriel had no SOUL.


"Chara, are you there? Its me! Your best friend! ASRIEL DREEMURR."
– Asriel, before fighting Frisk

Chara was Asriel's best friend, and, adoptive sibling (Chara's technichally a girl).

When they made a plan, Asriel didn't agree.

Chara died from Buttercups and Asriel remembered they hated humanity.


"After all, its me! Your best friend!"
– Flowey to Chara!Frisk on Genocide

When he was Flowey, he was Soulless.

He couldn't feel.

He eventually decided, after 10 Resets.

'If I can't feel... why give Mercy... w h e n I c o u l d k i l l ?'

He after that decided it was Kill or Be Killed.


"Dad... I've missed you!"
– Asriel seeing Asgore after being Saved

Asgore is Asriel's dad, and, the one he got his habit of saying,  "gosh," "golly," and "howdy".

He doesn't find out Asriel was Flowey until the end of the original Determination story.



"M - mom! Frisk i - isn't okay."

"How do you know their name?"

"... I have explaining to do."
– Asriel after Frisk blacked out in the Prolouge

Toriel was the first to find out Asriel was Flowey after Frisk Saved Him.

Well, Sans already knew...

but, still.


"Would the Tem Version of "howdy" be hOidy?"
– Asriel asking Frisk about the Temmie version of Howdy

Asriel iz gud friends wit tEMMIE. DA tEMMIE.

da tem shop keeper, that iz.

TEMMIE knew asriel was flowey because tEMMIE knows frisk haz detemmienation and remembers da resets.


  • He has no idea Frisk can't Reset anymore, and just thinks they don't want to, he is okay with this
  • He can speak fluent Temish, except for the word "howdy"

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