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TheNitroFlamer takes the role of Flowey and Asriel in Buddytale.


Echo the Echo-flower is the Flowey version of TNF in Buddytale. He has the empty one role.


Echo is a small Echo-flower, but rather than the light-blue hue, Echo glows a fire red + fire orange color. He also has a simplistic face, which he can contort into a demonic troll-face, as well as contort it into the faces of other characters and can even mimic their voices.


At first, Echo acts happy and supportive to Buddytale Frisk, but his real personality is MUCH different. He is really sadistic and violent, believing in the philosophy that in the Underground, 'It's kill or be killed.' Despite this, he judges Buddytale Frisk if he kills anyone. Echo is also manipulative, devious, and a cunning planner, as well as subtle if the circumstances require it. He retains his memories between SAVEs, because at one point he was able to SAVE and RESET himself. Despite his personality, Echo can also act cowardly, most notably during the end of a genocide route, where he kills Buddytale Asgore to appease Buddytale Frisk in a vain attempt to save his own life.

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