The former royal scientist, Altertale's Asriel is swapped with W. D. Gaster.


Asriel is a mysterious monster who worked for King Papyrus as a Royal Scientist. He was wiped out of existence after falling into the void, but Toriel and a third of his followers seem to remember him.


  • Gaster personality prevails over the original Asriel personality.
  • Father of Toriel and Asgore.
  • Created his children in a lab, although they are biologically his.
  • Was 35 at the time of "death".
  • Was completely erased from existence, and can only be found by editing the game files.
  • He sometimes appears to Toriel, but never says anything. He just stares at her, keeping a horrifying expression on his face.
  • Fully aware of the timelines. 
  • If it were possible to fight him, he would use fireballs, "Orange Heart", Dreemurr Beamers, and a few other attacks neither of his children have possession of.
  • Utilizes standard, albeit broken and distorted, text

"Beware of the man who does not exist"
– The Riverperson

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