Asriel Dreemur is Prince of the Underground and son of King Asgore and Queen Toriel, as well as adopted brother of Chara. He is one of the monsters who join Frisk and Trench along their quest, alongside Sans and Papyrus.


Asriel has long ears, white fur, snout and visible teeth. He would had grown up and would now be size of a grown man, around 6'05 feet tall.

Asriel wears a green long coat, and grey vest underneath it. He also has long boots.


Asriel has been shown to be kind and caring person, willing to protect his people to the end. He also cares deeply about his adopted sibling, Chara, and has goal to retrieve her soul which Fragment stole, hoping to revive her.


Coming later! Would not want to spoil the story, now would I?

Abilities and Powers

  • Star Blasts : Asriel can fire magical stars at his opponents that burst upon contact into smaller stars with razor-sharp edges.
  • Magic Beam : Asriel has ability to fire a magical beam from his palm at enemies, after training with Trench.
  • Swordsmanship : Asriel is skilled in using two swords in combat.


  • Rapiers : Asriel seems to prefer twin blades in combat, using his magic to conjure pair of rapiers while fighting.


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