It's me. Your best buddy, Faxreil Dreemurr! -Faxreil before battle


Faxsriel is the adopted child of Oheo4 and UndertaleTrash3. He died at the hands of humans after absorbing MickRunner's SOUL. However, via Bone's Determination experiment, he came back to life, reincarnated as Faxy the Rose.


Faxsriel has a blue And orange Stripe Sweater, blue and orange lined pants and blue and orange eyes. He also has the appearance of a Skeleton.


After MickRunner commit suicide, Faxriel absorbed [HIS/HER] SOUL, and became a God. He died at the hands of humans, and his dust was scattered onto a rose.



Faxriel Battle Sprite


Old Faxriel

Faxriel V2 Giant Ver

New Faxriel

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