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He's the kindest in the world. I'm just lucky enough to be his best friend.
— Chara, when talking about Asriel

Asriel a main character in the AU Forevertale, created by Cinder. He is the adoptive bother of Frisk and Chara, who is also his best friend. He is 17 in this AU. He is friends with Alphys and Bratty and Catty, but not as good friends with them as Chara is. He is the one who found Frisk, and he loves her and takes care of her.


Asriel has long ears, kind of like a dogs, a snout, and visible fangs. He wears a green, long-sleeved shirt with five yellow stripes and black pants as well as his 'Best Friends' locket. Asriel also has two very small horns just above his ears. He has white fur and green eyes.


Asriel is very kind and considerate of others feelings. He is laid back most of the time, but can be active when he is with friends who like to be active. Asriel is good at taking hints and will leave people alone when he feels like that is what they want. He is very determined to do what is right, and he try's very hard to prepare to be a good ruler of the underground.



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