"Rose" Form


KK in his "Rose" form Looks like a Rose, But with a Face! He Is mostly Smiling, And when Comiting Bad deeds, Acts of violence, He has a wide, Evil grin on his face


KK, In his "rose" form, Has a VERY different personality to Jamie (Asriel) Its like they're two people, KK is mostly evil And acts happy whwn you first meet him, then he nearly kills you, Because he is different because he is soulless,

"Actual" Form (ALL WIP)

"Hypermeme" Form

His "Final" Form

His "Normal" Form

KKs' Themes!

His meme

Memez and dreamz

Your worst Anon

Save OUR World

Your best Fam!


Here is a Gallery of AU KKs


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