"I The Amazing KK Will e n d y o u MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" -KK


FandomShift!KK's or Shifted!KK's Personality is like StoryShift Asriel's, but he his just too precious for the world :3. He is always happy, and up to things. Everyone thinks he is cute. He can be very serious sometimes though, but that rarely happens.

He likes to call Corly Cerrlllyyy for no reason. He is also a flirty person when battling people just to tease them, because he likes messing with peoples' emotions. He especially likes toying with people who hate flirting.


Shifted!KK's Battle body is a blue striped sweater, a rainbow scarf, black sandals and a huge rainbow star in the middle of his sweater. His other outfits are mostly just roleplay outfits, like Human!Bill Cipher's clothes, etc.

Attacks (WIP)

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