Cameronthedarksoul Takes the role of asriel in ContributorTale


He Appears At the ending of the true pacifist route.


He's a Crybaby But sometimes is Very Kind and nice Not to mention He's also With Midnight and they have been Twins for a long time................!!!


Chaos Lazers:

The chaos lazer works in order after he uses Fire Dark Sabers the Chaos lazer shocks everywhere causing to hit himself the damage for it 1000000

Fire Dark Sabers: He uses them after Finger Guns it appears on his hand then he comes down and slashes all around the place hitting you with the damage being 9999999

Finger Guns: This is his first weapon to use when the battle has started he targets them at you and tries to shoot you with after he runs out of bullets he pulls up a big lighting shocker that points at you in one target.

Dark Insane Sabers: After you defeat his attacks he will go insane and send in his Dark Insane Sabers and points it at you a big firey beam shoots at you everywhere after you avoid the attack he will use a potion called bigger potion and use it on the Dark Insane Sabers then after it's the size of omega flowey he will throw many sabers at you and then pulls out his finger shooting out a big lighting bolt if you avoid that then he will go to his ultimate form.

Ultimate form:

When you avoid all of his attacks he will go into his big form which has the wings of a angel his body has the shape of mettaton (Carl, that kills people) his arms and hands has the shape of mettaton as well his head will appear having big horns and will send in firey spheres at you.

Original form:

After you save everyone and him he realized what he have done and go back to his original form then he will apologize for what he had done then he will say that "Frisk when i let go of these guys i will be turned back into a demon" then after a long talk he will let go of all of them after that transition you have two choices IF you forgive him then he will say "Damm it frisk your gonna make F*cking cry again aren't you" BUT if you don't forgive him then he will say "Oh okay so i guess i was in the wrong...Shit" then after that he will turn and leave but before he leaves he tells you that "Hey frisk when i'm gone plz just plz make sure you take care of all of them....thanks" then he will leave causing you to leave as well and get your happy ending.

Meeting Cameron in the dead flower patch:

if you decided to find him then he will stand there on the dead flower patch if you talk to him then he will tell you to leave after a long time of trying he will tell you about Chara (Midnight the undertale lover) then he will tell you that "Mid wasn't really the best person" And he start to question and say "But why frisk? Why did you do it? was it for determination? was it for courage? or was it for....." Then he will be quiet and then frisk will decided to leave having the happy ending and finishing Contributortale.


Cameronthedarksoul (Cameron Dreemur)

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