AskGus plays the role of Papyrus ( Underswap Papyrus ) in the self-inserted, satirical AU, Spinofftale.


AskGus is wearing a slightly lime hoodie with strings coming near to his hoodie pockets. He wears shoulder pads to signal Darkberry that he's at least slightly tough. He has blue shorts which one would say are 'baggy'; on the topic, one of his favorite songs are by the one-hit-wonder, MC Hammer who made the song Hammer-time. He has a tiny head with a humongous body which is purposeful as he is mocking Daddy from Just Dance.


AskGus is sly, often tricking his brother in various ways like with his weakness of sugar cubes; he has even managed to trick Alphys and Undyne in other various ways. He is extremely lazy to the point where standing up when sitting down is considered a sport; walking is even tough for him because of this condition. He is constantly talking about... whatever he needs to talk about for a moment in time. He is often a curious person, asking his brother many random questions such as: why the hell should I never give you ------- honey buns? He is often hilarious making puns about anything that he has the opportunity to make one about; his puns are usually cheesy with him saying things like: ( top hats to TeamSwitched ) you're a trash CAN not a trash CAN'T. his favorite genre of music is electro swing which people complain is an awful piece of music to like.



AskGus is Cameron's brother and former worker. AskGus can be scared of his brother sometimes which Cameron is not aware of.

Alphys ( placeholder name ):

Alphys is AskGus's friend through Cameron's relationship with her, Alphys often accuses AskGus worse than Cameron would usually. However, AskGus doesn't find her as scary as Cameron ( for some bizarre reason ).


" hey, you parsly know what you're doing, my salty brother won't mind if I do this, persides, it's too chilli, meh, pepper minute i'll be making a pun, because, bud, you gotta try 'n' ketchup, huh? You mustard-mit there's no way out of this, I should spaghetti out of here right now. Meh, those who forget to pasta spaghetti are doomed to reheat it. Don't worry, it's malfade not yours, you know, your temper is spirali out of control, clearly, we all can tagliatelle you're upset, I kinda feel sorry fiori you, perhaps i'm goin' abit farfalle, I'm not alfredo you, because, you know what? Making puns is part of my daily rotini, oh boy, if I had a penne everytime I heard that one, so, no need to act like a bigoli baby" -AskGus in his own time.


" o-oh! H-hey boss! I-I was j-j-just playing J-Just Dance! " -AskGus caught playing Circus from Just Dance 2016

" meh, big smoke, i'm sure not up for two number 9's " -AskGus making a pun only 90s kids remember.

" you spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record, baby, round round round round, you spin me right round baby, right round, like a record baby ro-ou-ou-ou-ou-ound! " -AskGus doing 360's on a hoverboard


  • AskGus loves being satirical, ironic and sarcastic.
  • His favorite song is a cross between Recording Town by Kyle Allen and Little Swing by AronChupa ft. Little Sis Nora.

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