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UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings (otherwise referred to as Wikiperson) is the ruler of the Wiki, being one of the few Bureaucrats, the highest position known in the Wiki. Although they share bureaucrat rights with LunaDeaminac, they remain the sole ruler.



Wikiperson resembles a Fandom User with two black lines across his face representing eyes. They wear a red cape with golden pauldrons, and has the Delta Rune connected to the pauldrons, and has a crown on top of their head. They are occasionally are seen wearing reading glasses. They wield a purple spear as their weapon. They wear two miniature string puppets on each of their hands (the strings connecting to their fingers), one being S.T, the other being Swap.


When they are alone he often stares off into the distance thinking. When people are around him they're very talkative and random. They have a slight dislike towards Createsans. A lot of times they make puppets of their OCs.


Purple Spear

They own a purple spear which replaces the red trident. On the bullet board, the spear is slightly smaller than the trident making so that you can dodge it by going to the bottom line when your SKILL is purple. The spear can also turn blue when your SKILL goes back to red, this time going all the way down and accompanied by bullets similar to the original "friendliness pellets" from Undertale.


Puppets will hang from their fingers and try to hit you on the bullet board.

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