DoomFlame Munitalp is the Underground's Tactician Houndoom. After getting 6 SOULs, his Adopted mother Ailey left him. Though she still really loves him & will change his diapers, she's very disappointed in her Adopted Baby Houndoom for acquiring 6 SOULs. He wears Dark/ Fire Type Matchup Diapers because his rough past in Houndoomia.

DoomFlame's Attack Method

Similar to Asgore, Doomie has Blue and Orange Attcks, but, Doomie has multiple attacks in one turn. His eyes will flash indicating the attack. Doomie has different colors for all attacks.

Orange attacks are fire Tome Attacks, Go through them to Dodge.

Light Blue attacks are Wind Tome Attacks, stay still so you aren't hurt.

Purple are Dark Art attacks, dodge them. If Nosferatu hits, Doomie can heal HP.

Yellow attacks are Thunder Tome Attacks, he launches a bolt of Lightning downwards, but, he can also have it chase you.

Green attacks are Tome Attacks of each Kind: Wind Above, Fire on either Side, Thunder from the Bottom and Nosferatu opposite of Fire.

Silver attacks are his Levin Sword, he launches Lightning Magic from his Sword for his attack.


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