TheNitroFlamer (or TNF for short) is the main antagonist of ContributorTale. He takes the role of Asgore.


TNF is a tall, male humanoid cyborg wearing with blonde hair. usually seen wearing a dark blazer, white collared t-shirt and a denim-blue tie. He also wears pale brown pants and dark green combat boots. Most of the time, TNF is seen with a Guy Fawkes mask coated in blood, which covers his real face, a bloody mess with missing chunks of flesh, constant blood flowing down his face and a missing eye, as well as a part of his face revealing a robotic endo-skeleton. His left hand also reveals a robotic skeleton hand. He is never seen off his throne, why this is is unknown.


TNF is very cold an sadistic, often torturing innocence. He shows an innate hatred towards life, even if they are the civilians of his empire. Despite his cold, hateful demeanor, he still shows respect for all his civilians, and would risk his own life to protect them. He even understands his cruel demeanor, and wishes he could go back, but his sadism controls his actions, keeping him from redeeming himself.


  • His original design was much more controversial, having a coloration based on Adolf Hitler. IRL TNF changed the design to prevent offending people.
    • IRL TNF himself was offended by his original design, and almost physically injured himself to 'punish himself.'
  • No one in the underground knows why TNF never moves out of his throne, however they have two theories; One, his legs don't work properly, or two, he is bolted to the chair. No one believes these theories to be true, and just believe them to be, well, theories.

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