"Howdy! I'm Asgore. Asgore Blook. "
– Asgore at the end of Genocide

Asgore, is an 8 Year Old Goat Boss Monster.

His SOUL is the first, and, only Monster SOUL to have any color.


Since when he was about 1, he's been an orphan. His mom didn't want his Rainbow Magic to be used for evil, since some Monsters rebeled against Mettaton not wanting any humans to fall.

SOUL Color

His SOUL has a faint Rainbow shimmer to it.

Its unknown why it has any color, since, most Monster SOULs are only White.

Rainbow Magic

Because of his special SOUL, he has Rainbow Magic. You can only get hurt if he wants you to, and, it can also heal, have Blue Magic's 'don't move' thing, and, Orange Magic's 'move' thing.

When Toriel's Goddess of Hyperness, she can use those since she has Asgore's SOUL in her.

Who Knows About The Rainbow Shimmer


"Whoa! Why is your SOUL like that?"
– Toriel, after Asgore showed her his SOUL

She was the first to find out after his mom died.

She was able to absorb his SOUL because of the Rainbow Shimmer.


"What was that... magic? Was that you, Asgore?"
– Kyra when she almost died from Napstablook

Kyra was the second to find out. She saw the SOUL when she first saw Asgore, because he's a ghost and his SOUL's always visible (its not in his sprite though).

She was confused when she saw it, and, when he used his Rainbow Magic.


He's a 10"15 and 10lb, Boss Monster, Goat.

He has a white shirt with 6 (1 pre-Toriel) Blue Stripes on his shirt.

He wields a small Rainbow Trident.


One day, he was going to eat a Vegetoid's Veggies. A Loox bullied him and shoved him off to eat leaves.

Toriel, soon found him. He was brought home, and, they became best friends.

He made a plan, to eat the Buttercups so Toriel could absorb his SOUL.

Toriel, found him, asked what he was doing and he told her.

After crying, Toriel said she'd miss him, and she ate the Buttercups.

They died on the Surface, and, went Underground only to turn to dust.

Asgore's dust was brought to the Ruined Waterlands by Napstablook, and, Toriel's stayed there.

Years later, Kyra fell. Asgore, was awoken. He doesn't know if it was her Kindness, or, if it was something else.

In the Epilogue, when he and Kyra went to the beginning Toriel wondered why, and, Kyra said her SOUL was special, for some odd reason.



"I - I'm... uh... Asgore. Howdy, Toriel."
– Asgore meeting Toriel

The first friend he made, best friend, and, sister.

Toriel's deceased, though.

Asgore, until True Pacifist, doesn't know Toriel and Clovey are one and the same.


"W - who are you?"
– Kyra asking Asgore who he is

Kyra, is the one who woke Asgore up, with her SOUL.

Asgore, likes Kyra, and, so does Kyra. But, Kyra's embarressed so, she doesn't tall about it. The ship name's Kygore or Asra.


Their both his adopted parents and, he loved them both.

Neither knows Asgore's there, they just glance over him.


  • Asgore thinks Toriel's cute, but, Asgoriel's non-canon
  • Asra and Kygore are what Frisk calls them when their together, it depends, though
  • Him liking Kyra is based off of me shipping Charisk formerly, because of AskDrunkChara


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