Uhh It was nice To meet a Human But This is the end *destroys mercy* - Faxstore upon Meeting him

Faxs takes place of Asgore in PeopleTale


FaxsGore Has a orange Crown A blue and orange hoodie and a "locket" on his neck and has a blue spear and Blue and orange Shoes and gray white lined pants


FaxsGore Was a king that take care of humans before "Asriel" (role not taken?) Died So He wanted Revenge on humans Also he Was a lazy Prince before he was king


Faxsgore Attacks are mostly bone/fire attacks here are his moves

  • Orange blue spear attack
  • Blue Bone attack
  • Fire Ring
  • Tosses Blue/Orange Spears



FurryFox84 Is Faxs BFF In School Years Ago But Faxs Changed Schools And FaxsGore And FurryFox Cant Talk Anymore Expect For Skype

Annoying Dog
This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.

UnderSwap Toriel

He Loves Swap Tori From The Bottom Of His Heart FaxsGore wants to marry her

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