It was very nice to meet you... Good bye..
— Trash before she fights the protagonist
UndertaleTrash3 is the queen of the Underground.



She is a white cat with a black star on her right cheek. She has Asgore's Cape, but it is blue, she wears armor underneath. She has a yellow crown with a Delta Rune on it.


She is a lot nicer than the Undertale Asgore, she cries during her battle. She hates killing children more than she hated anything.



Trash and Oheo4 used to be close friends, but Oheo wasn't happy when he found out Trash killed children, he left her and he now lives in the ruins. Trash misses him and hopes he returns.


Faxs was her adoptive son and she misses him as much as she misses Oheo. She hopes she can see them both again.


She hired Kk as the head of the Royal Guard. Kk believes in her as much as everybody else does.

Bone Apetit

She has Bone as the Royal Scientist.  Other than that, their relationship is unknown.


She always liked Corly, she never wanted to hurt them. If Corly spares her after her battle, she'll be very happy, if Corly kills her, she will be happy, but sad at the same time. After Corly saves her in the True Pacifist Route, she will be very happy and thank Corly for saving her and not killing her.


  • UndertaleTrash3 does not exactly know Oheo4 or Faxs The Skeleton well.

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