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In this AU, Asgore is replacing the celebrity (Mettaton in Undertale).


His look is very close from the original Asgore but with a note of technologies. His right hand is normal in neutral/pacifist and a flamethrower in genocide, ha also gain an Holographic cape in this route.

In Battle

He likes to put flamethrowers and explosions in his show, as he said, it make it more "Exciting" and "Dangerous". So in battle, you have to avoid moving flamethrowers and flames. Sometimes, he can decide to throw at you bombs that you need to dodge.


  • Friends: Toriel, Monster kid and Dummy (barmen in snowdin)
  • Neutral: Asriel, Muffet, Undyne and Grillby (ruin's dummy)
  • Hate: Mettaton and Temmeh (The flower)


Terribly wounded during the war, Asgore will be dead if her wife Toriel don't take care of him and healed him. Some of his bones were broken and his soul too. Toriel succeeded in keeping him alive by adding robotic parts to his body. We can say that he is a kind of hybrid between a monster and a robot.

Trivia & Quotes

-His eye become a screen displaying a target in NEO form. In EX form, the right eye is black while his left eye is white.

-In NEO form, he loses his horns.


Every Routes:
"Howdy! I'm Asgore nice to meet you. Are you enjoying your travel through the underground? Of course I think, what about joining me in my last show? I see in you a future great actor!"
— Asgore (DarkTale) when you meet him

Genocide Route:

"Human........ There was a time during which I believed in you..... How could you kill my son Asriel? My own nice and peacefully son... I can't let you pass this place!! My wife has already fled.... I'm their last resort before Metaton.. There are too many monsters down here, too many lives...... How could you human, after what your people has done to me.... HEY?!!! WHY AM I TELLING ALL THAT TO YOU?!!!! YOU DON'T TAKE CARE ABOUT WHAT I SAY!!! LET'S FIGHT!!!!!
— Asgore (DarkTale) before his last fight

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