Erik is BelowStory's version of Asgore. Erik was the first human to be discovered with abnormal abilities, thus making him the king. The reasons for his abilities is up for debate. Erik has Monophobia and Athazagoraphobia. Erik's first son Derrick doesn't have his abilities, but that doesn't make him his son. Erik was once a scientist, but then he met Anna, who was a Punk, Rebel-ish kid, and that changed him. But of course over the years, Erik and Anna changed. Erik loves to drink coffee, the black, non-sweeten kind. Erik has a Blue Trident.


Erik is related to most of the Main Characters, being the king. He donated blood, making them Abnormal humans and then started a civilization of abnormal humans.

Derrick and Brianne are his kids, Anna is his Ex-Wife, Maria is his Ex-Mother in Law. Maria still treats him the same way she did before.


Erik's themes are remixes of Undertale's original OST

Heiwa no ō (Bergentrückung Orchestral)

ERIK (ASGORE Orchestral)


Erik wears a Dark-ish Blue Robe with a Gold thing that holds up his Robe and holds his neck straight. Underneath everything is Armor and some elastic Legging and Arm sleeves. Underneath that is body of a Body Builder.


Erik has a Genocide fight that will last longer than that 1 hit, doing 14 damage. This will trigger the Final Boss of the Genocide fight. After your final attack, you'll see Flowey, say he'll help you...but you kill him...then you meet Brianna.

Relation to his kids

Erik usually visits Derrick and Brianne in their home in Snowdin. They'll either watch a movie together and get a pizza. Or they'll go to Maria's Sweet Tooth or Have a GameNight of board games or video games.

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