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"heya, i'm asgore."
– Alterswap Asgore

Asgore is a fictional character from the Alterswap AU. He is the brother of Toriel and takes the role of Undertale Sans.


He is a white goat with horns and spiky blonde hair. What he wears looks similar to Underswap Papyrus. He wears a purple hooded jacket with black shorts and purple sneakers. Unlike Underswap Papyrus, he doesn't smoke. Instead, he always has a chocolate pocky in his mouth.


Asgore is very laid back and lazy, often sleeping and taking breaks from his job. He also likes making puns, even though they irritate his sister. He usually acts likable and doesn't take things too serious, but when he needs to be, he can be very serious and even intimidating.

Abilities and weaknesses


He is capable of summoning Hyper Goners that act in the same way as Gaster Blasters and a variety of fire-based attacks as well. In the event that he is serious, his right eye will flare up in a brilliant orange flame or both of his will turn as black as the deepest abyss.


Alterswap Toriel

He loves his little sister, even though she hates his puns, laziness, and tastes in music.

Alterswap Asriel

He's been trying to find his dad ever since Toriel was born and he disappeared.


He likes hanging out with the human, except if they go genocide.


  • His clothes appear similar to Underswap Papyrus' because their personalities are very similar, they both take the role of Sans and they both originate from a role swap AU.
  • Asgore only smokes when he sees an MLG video that he likes. When he does, he puts on a fedora and MLG sunglasses and grabs some Doritos chips and Mountain Dew, as well as a smoke.
  • His blood type is a clue.


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