This version of Asgore Is from Alterfell, a mix of Underfell and Altertale where the underground is run by the motto "Kill or Be Killed" and Asgore is swapped with Papyrus. friisans is the creator of Altertale, and, by extension, Alterfell..



Asgore wears his battle outfit on which he wears a long red scarf, a black shirt with golden buttons and spiked shoulders, black gloves with long spikes, and black pants. Asgore also wears red boots with black stripes and spikes and a red belt which has a horned skull in it. He has scar on the side of his left eye.


All information taken from creator

  • Asgore assassinates people for fun.
  • He is very strategic and accurate in his scheming.
  • Asgore has NPD, otherwise known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
  • Asgore prefers death traps to puzzles.
  • "Fluffy Bunny: Attack of the Killer Fox" is his favorite bedtime story.
  • He is psychologically/emotionally scarred.
  • His scarf is alive and will try to strangle you if you get too close to him. He likes to use it in his torturing.


Alterfell Asgore resembles Underfell Papyrus. They both have the same personalities and wear the same clothes and have the same scar on their faces as well as wearing a crimson red scarf.

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