Archer is one of The Fragment's Acolytes, and descendant of the original PERSEVERANCE Soul, one of the Mages who sealed the monsters underground. He is originally from Patrol!Tale AU, but has ability to travel between AU's.


After falling to the Core, Archer' lost all color of his body and clothing. He wears a tuxedo and the sunglasses to hide his eyes, and has three scars on his face, cross-shaped one his left cheek and one over his right eye.


Archer is cold-hearted and calculative person, willing to do anything to complete his mission. Unlike Trench, he does not care about the civilian causalities, and is more than willing to use civilians as his shields, if needed.

No matter the AU, Garter seems to be wary of W.D. Gaster.


Coming later! Would not want to spoil the story, now would I?

Abilities and Powers

  • Close-Quaters Combat : Archer is expert of close-combat, capable of taking out multiple enemies at once.
  • Aura Blade : Archer has little skill with magic, allowing him to surround his arm with purple energy to give his weapon properties of a blade, allowing him to cut through metal with relatively ease.
  • Glitch : Due his unstable nature, Archer can glitch his body by will, become untanglable for a moment. However, this ability does not work in the Anti-Void or similar places.
  • Code Reflector : Archer is capable of forming a wall that reflects energy and magic attacks back to sender. However, he cannot Glitch while doing so, or move. He can use this also to blend into the surroundings.
  • AU Travelling : After falling to the Core, Archer became able to travel other AU's, but his existence was erased from his own AU - However, monsters and humans who fell to the Underground still remember him.


  • Archer is one of the few characters who can see and be damaged by W.D. Gaster after he has fallen to the Core.

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