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ArcadeTale is an Undertale AU, where the non-human characters are from arcade games. The humans are portrayed as Indie characters.


Bendy - Bendy takes the Protagonist/Player Role. He is an Indie character with a SOUL of Determination.

Pac-Man - Pac-Man takes the Empty One Role. He tries to trick Bendy with 'friendliness pellets', which are actually harmful bullets. He follows the 'kill or be killed' motto. He is the reincarnation of Donkey Kong Jr.

Jumpman - Jumpman (otherwise known as Mario) takes the Caretaker Role, guiding you through the Girders.

Clyde - Clyde takes the Recluse Role. He hangs out on the Girders, and Jumpman doesn't even seem to notice him.

Taizo Hori - Taizo Hori (often called Dig Dug) takes the Judge Role. He's lazy and loves making puns. He is the 'brother' of Fygar.

Fygar - Fygar takes the Ambitious Role. He's a puzzle-lover, and tried to capture Bendy through his adventures. However, his plans always (comically) fail.

Blinky - Blinky takes the Captain of the Guard Role. He is captain of the Royal Guard, good friends with Fygar, and has a crush on Pinky (the Royal Scientist). If you kill him, he becomes Blinky the Unbreakable.

Pinky - Pinky takes the Scientist Role. She is the creator of the Amalgamates, as well as the creator of Inky's robot body (also known as Inkyton.)

Inkyton - Inkyton is the robot star of the Arcade, taking the Celebrity Role. He hosts way too many shows and has three different forms. His normal form (which looks like a box), his EX form and a NEO form.

Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong takes the Monarch Role, being the king of the Arcade.

Donkey Kong Jr - Donkey Kong's son takes the Soulless Angel Role. He tried to escape the Arcade with the help of his good friend, Tattletail.

Tattletail - Tattletail (otherwise known as Tattle) takes the Fallen Role, possessing you at the end of a Genocide Route.

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