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Okay, back at it again with the AUs!

The Human

  • You are the human. You traveled everywhere with your soul animal. DETERMINATION represents the soul animal. This animal will stay with you until the end of time, it gives you power. During a genocide route the spirit animal comes out at the end to be beside Chara. Chara then kills you while your spirit animal stays with Chara. When you reset the world, your animal appears within you again.


  • Doesn't have a spirit animal for without a soul he cannot have one. Flowey wants control of you in order to make you do his bidding. You don't allow this however (you playing as the human) because who wants their spirit animal taken away? He will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. If he can't control you, he will kill you. Which is pretty much how it's going to go.


  • Blasts Flowey away when he attempts to take control of your soul animal (which only appears during a FIGHT and resides in your soul). She takes you around the RUINS and teaches you to have MERCY on monsters. She has a grey cape and wears a black dress. She is clingy and doesn't want you to leave the RUINS in fear you will die from the cruelness of the monsters past the doors. She has to be the most Alpha-like character in the AU. If someone hurts the human, they WILL be attacked. Toriel has a spirit animal of a bear, powerful and healing. Again this animal only shows up during a fight.


  • Lazy, spirit animal is a dragon. Yea, you would never guess that. Considering how lazy he is but during his fight he obviously shows it. He wears a grey jacket with a bright blue stripe going across it. Helps train Papyrus only when Undyne is around because she has that affect on people. He really loves his brother. One thing he hates: genocide runners. He wears basketball shorts with a blue stripe down the side.