ApathyTale is an AU created by StanzStolenTaleSans. This may be a spin-off series to StolenTale or a whole different AU on its own....

Main Story

After multiple genocide runs, Sans falls into apathy.

Some Stuff

Mentions of suicide (sans)

  • Sans will kill himself in front of Undyne and Papyrus in a timeline

People vaguely remember resets

Some Scars remain

  • Tori's cheek
  • Papyrus head
  • Undyne's chest
  • Sans' Chest
  • Asgore's Chest
  • Flowey's entire body


The creator of this AU is also the creator of StolenTale. She is currently busy doing fanart, and animating StolenTale for now, so please be patient and NOT delete this. Because the last time someone deleted this cause there wasnt enough stuff on it.

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