he was to help protect virus's like rainbow.exe he fights the AU's including Error!Sans and Virus!Sans, He uses his eye to absorb these souls making his keyboard change colour to the color of their souls and he has the power of them.not like firewall!sans by typing on his keyboard saying like {-{ delete rainbow.exe }-}


he's a short skeelton witha green eye and a blue one, he has four large claws on his back. He wears a blue top which his covered by his green plus hoodie.

Strong against


  • One shot kill with an eye beam.
  • Delete ability.
  • Healing from keyboard.
  • Shape shifting.


Antivirus!sans does not have an au. He is dna connected to Ink Sans. Antivirus!sans and Delta!sans met their cousin(ink sans) and they fought ink sanses error creation(Error Sans) and Antivirus!sanses brother(Virus!sans). Antivirus sans can be described as part of Inktale, Errortale, and Ultra!tale.


Antivirus!sans is one of the strongest AU sans's Antivirus!sans can easily defeat the sans's that he's strong against. He is impossible to kill after absorbing a soul.


Anti has something called Anti-Blaster which is 10x stronger than normal Gaster Blasters. He also Uses His four arms coming out from his back To capture his opponent And blast then with lasers that come from his hands.



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