do not edit without the permission of DariusRocks. Anti-Sans is the opposite of sans.

Sans reversed



he is never tired and never naps he always works hates pun's never keeps his promises and dose not want to kill humans and is best friends with Chara and hates Toriel and knock knock jokes . he never looks tired and is worst enemy's with the human.

Powers he dose not have

  • Bones
  • Gaster blasters
  • telekinesis
  • teleportation
  • Karma
  • timeline remembrance


  • negative circle : ever thing within a 5ft radiance's stats will turn the opposite of what they were ( for example if there states are 3000 HP or up will go down to 50 including def and attack the same dose not apply if it is lower then 3000 it stays the same ).
  • anti-karma: its karma but if you do good you are hurt.
  • poison dogs : hot dogs but poison.
  • can make himself go back to where he was before.


  • it's hard for him to see.
  • he doesn't doge.
  • gets lost in his own joyful thoughts.
  • secretly the weakest monster in the underground.
  • he's a little dumb not as much as papyrus though


Sans/Blue Screen : he likes him but once he tried to hug him

Bratbrother : he thinks the brat brothers vary dumb but he still scared of him

Protector!asriel : he likes the thought of someone that wants to protect

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