Birth Of The Anti-Cross/Backstory

This Story begins at the moment Cross took Classic Sans's soul as soon as it had begun a new Au was made, but not just any Au one about a different version Cross. This is called MainTale a world where everyone is Ok, but Chara doesn't exist instead of tearing Au's apart he brings AU's together(Kinda of like ink's apprentice) after he had heard about an alternate him going around destroying AU's he knew he had to go help!

Facts about MainTale

Anti-Cross as his own soul

There's no Chara

Resets are possible

His papyrus is dead along with gaster

He knows about the Gods( example, ink, and error, ect)


He has Lv:2




There's no such thing as Determination in their world.


Likes to act Heroic and talk kinda loud when he's serious, kinda like a tsundere.

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