Poopsie is a small white Pomeranian puppy and it's owner is sans and Papyrus. It is an obedient house pet to only Papyrus (Not sans due to sans not contributing to it's care.)


Poopsie is a small white Pomeranian puppy with black eyes and pupils.


Nothing is revealed about Poopsie and it is unknown where Papyrus has adopted Poopsie (It's possible that he adopted Poopsie somewhere in Snowdin.)


Poopsie has no special abilities or powers due to it being a .jpg image but it has learned some basic dog tricks taught by Papyrus (Such as Sit, Roll Over, Play Dead, and Flip.) It can also pee, but it is only revealed when Papyrus has been killed by sans.

Lists of AU's involving Poopsie



  • It is unknown if Poopsie is the "Annoying Dog" in the original Undertale universe.
  • There is some evidence that it could possibly be the Annoying Dog such as both of them being white Pomeranians and that both of their themes is Dogsong.

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