The Annoying Mid shows up randomly throughout Cairdetale, most often around 'Papyrus'. Whenever it shows up, it often somehow comedically ruins the characters' plans.


The Bridge of Inevitable Death

The Annoying Mid appears as a part of 'Papyrus's' bridge of Inevitable Death right before Snowdin Town. They dangles by a rope tied around their tummy.

'Papyrus' Fight

The Annoying Mid appears during the "special attack" sequence, calmly stealing on 'Papyrus's' special "Bone." After 'Papyrus' gets angry at them, it exits the board, dragging the bone with it. It appears again when 'Papyrus' does a "cool regular attack."

Oheo and 'Papyrus's' House

If GoldenDust interacts with the sink in the kitchen, 'Papyrus' says how they raised the sink so they could fit more bones beneath it. When they invite Dusty to look inside, the cabinet door then opens to reveal the Annoying Mid munching on one of the bones, and runs as fast as their little legs can go out of the house as 'Papyrus' shouts to get it.

Piano Puzzle

The Annoying Mid appears after completing the Piano Puzzle. Playing the correct notes opens a secret door to the Artifact Room. Once Dusty enters the room, the Annoying Mid suddenly appears in their inventory. While trying to grab the artifact (with the Annoying Mid in the inventory), a message appears saying "you're carrying too many mids." Using or dropping the dog summons the Annoying Mid beside them. The Annoying Mid then runs to the Legendary Artifact and absorbs it, while Dogsong plays once. Soon after, the Annoying Mid runs out through the walls and exits the room. Doggy Doodoo is then left in their inventory.

Calling 'Toriel's' phone while the dog is in their inventory ends up causing a phone to ring in Dusty's inventory.

Nothing happens if Dusty uses or drops the dog outside of the Artifact Room.


After the battle with 'Toriel', the Annoying Mid arrives (carrying a notebook and wearing glasses) and announces the end of Hard mode, to Toriel's displeasure. When it speaks, its text moves up and down in a sequence. After its dialogue, the game resets.

True Pacifist Route

The Annoying Mid appears on the ending screen, sitting below the words "THE END", and eventually falls asleep. It does not appear if Dusty completed a Genocide Route before, as it has escaped the Underground and is currently hiding in Florida.


  • The Annoying Mid is the second cousin twice removed to the Annoying Dog. They share recipes sometimes.
  • The Annoying Mid apparently ate 'Toriel's' phone.
  • If Dusty completes a True Pacifist Route quick enough, the Annoying Mid wearing it's nerd glasses will appear and tell them that they must pet them good enough to be able to have the True Reset option.

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