infected the Core, as the machine needed large amounts of power to function.

An AU that takes place after a Neutral Route. The Neutral route where you spare everyone but didn't do one of the dates or hangouts.


After Frisk left the underground with remembrances of the friends they had made. Now that Asgore is no longer around, Toriel returned as the rightful Queen of the Underground. Papyrus is now living his dream of being part of the royal guard as the head and only member. Meanwhile, Alphys and Undyne working on a new way to escape the Underground without the use of souls. Nothing changed much about Sans though. Lazy as ever but still a royal sentry in Snowdin.

Everything was peaceful but... It couldn't last forever as Alphys was working on a new side project that would hopefully change everything and extend the monsters knowledge of Souls. Her new project's goal was to master the powers that the fallen humans possessed:


But it ended horribly. The machine blew up and infected the Core since the machine needed great amounts of power to function. As a result, everyone was affected by this. The whole Underground has gotten amnesia and it has become a confused place and nothing works right. Well... Everyone except Alphys and Flowey. Not long after, another human fell into the underground searching for their friend Frisk but was not aware that Frisk left the underground before they fell in. They passed through looking at everything with confusion. They left the underground with a monster soul they got from a newly dead Jerry. When they finally got to the surface, they reunited with Frisk and told them about the Underground's state. And Frisk is now on a mission to go back to and save the underground!


The 3 Main routes of the AU is True Hero Route, Neutral Route, and Erase Route...

Neutral Route

This route can be achieved by lacking any of the following requirements:

  • Friendship with any of the Soul Guardians.
  • A fight with any of the Hostile Bosses.
  • Friendship with Docile Bosses
  • Any monsters you lacked to remind or you chose to erase some monsters.
  • Any unfinished Alphy's Quests.
  • Different endings under Neutral Route


Erase Route/s

Regular Erase Route

This route can only be achieved if you complete the following requirements:

  • Erase all Hostile and Docile Bosses.
  • Erase all monsters.
  • Threatened Alphys in her lab.
  • Unlock Boss J's fight
  • Kill all Soul Guardians.
  • Regular Erase Route

Doing this will obtain you the regular Erase route. Chara will proceed to say they are happy that you have returned so they can finish the job. They will then proceed to erase the world leaving themselves, you, and your soul. When choosing to re-open the game, you just have to wait for 5 minutes and Chara will give you the same offer as regular Undertale. After getting this ending, the next True Hero Route you do will be a Neutral route. Unlike regular Undertale, you can avoid this by resetting.

True Erase Route

This can only be achieved by completing the following with the regular requirements:

  • Erasing Flowey
  • The tapes in Alphy's lab
  • Destroying all Golden flowers.
  • Taking Charas True Knife and Heart Locket.

Chara will appear at the end of the game but they are faded. They proceed to then explain their original plan when frisk first fell into the underground. Then begin to say that now that they've got no control over Frisk, they can't make them choose but suggests for them to reset.

Choosing reset will send you back to give you the Corrupted save route keeps it that way.

Choosing Erase will erase everything in the underground. After this, The game is no longer playable.

Save route


Main Monster Characters


"The overworked and forgotten scientist"

Nothing much has changed about this nerdy and geeky lizard except she is more stressed and depressed than she was in the normal Undertale. All her memories are intact but only mistakes remembered.She works 24/7 with a promise to herself that she will fix her mistake and then she can finally disappear. She is on the Neutral side seeing as she has never left her lab.

Papyrus aka Boss P

"The best and only chef in the Underground"
He is now goofy and Nerdy chef that sings songs about cooking. He lives in the Skeleton brother's old house still and is now operating was formerly known as Grillby's, Papy's. He is less social with most monsters unless they're his customers or Boss P. He hates Boss S and Boss T due to the fact they do tend to rob his restaurant's food supply overnight. Upon waking up he ends up outside the Libarary and presumes her must be a book lover. He only remembers that he loves to cook. He will be one of the more passive monsters. He can and will help you pass through snowdin if you help him.

Mettaton aka Boss M

"The robotic, anime loving, local of snowdin"
When they first wake up they are surrounded by things in Alphy's Lab and notices the dress on from the Undertale the Musica part and presumes they are a female. So she is now a shy, nerdy, and geeky person who loves anime. She lives in Alphy's Lab and hangs at Papy's quite often. She hates Boss N, Boss T, Boss S and Boss U  and one of her only friends is Boss P. Her only memory is that she knows someone who is geeky and nerdy. She wakes up at Alphys' lab and presumes it to be her home. She is one of the passive monsters and at first will be quite skeptical of you but will help you largely in later game if you do decide to befriend her

Sans aka Boss S

"Boss T's Slave"

He woke up in Judgement Hall hall with the only memory of someone very, very evil. He is now insomniac terrorist who can't make his own decisions. He is always working for Boss T and he remembers a person who wants to kill everyone and Erase the world. However he does not remember he can use or even has Gaster Blasters.He woke up in Judgement Hall and is on Boss T's side.

W.D. Gaster aka Boss J

"The first and original, forgotten scientist"


"The dead and forgotten king"

Toriel aka Boss T

"The literally killer Queen of the underground"

She is now the crazy killer queen who wants everyone dead and shows no emotions to anyone or anything. She constantly abuses her followers and forces them to do things for her with the lie of her helping them get what they want.The one thing she remembers is someone killing innocent children and presumes it to be her and to support that thought of hers as she woke up in the Human Soul's coffin room.She works on the killers side or her own side. She can only be found in the throne room and doesn't leave it.

Soul Guardians. (The Fallen Humans)

Skaitleen03's Soul Guardian Art For Amnesia Tale
(A really big work in progress)

(Please Note that there is an inaccuracy in this photo to the left. The integrity soul is a male)

Though the Underground is filled with monsters with their memories wiped out, We have the 6 human souls back and alive to take care of the Underground. They all go under the name Soul Guardians. Each one of them protecting certain areas of the underground. The all have different personalities.

That does lead to some problems though. Though they are all under the title Soul Guardian's, they are not all friends. They are divided into 3 pairs.

  • Team Ruindin- consisting of Clara and Jason.
  • Team DangerFalls- consisting of Katelyn and James.
  • Team HotCore- consisting of Amanda and Kyle.

Patience aka Clara Soul Guardian

She is a blond haired 7-year-old girl that fell into the underground. She is the first human to have fallen into the underground. She wears a toriel like an outfit due to being the Guardian of the Ruins. She will only be found 1/2 of the way in the ruins. She will not have any aggression towards you but be careful of your choices. She will come after you and initiate a fight. She is very weak but uses of blue and white attacks and uses healing items if you don't finish her off fast enough.

Bravery aka Jason Soul Guardian


Perseverance aka Katelyn Soul Guardian


Integrity aka James Soul Guardian


Justice aka Kyle Soul Guardian


Kindness aka Amanda Soul Guardian




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