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Amicistale is an AU made by Createsans. It is similar to UTAUWikiTale, only it is not art-related.


It is open to anyone, but it is first come, first serve.

Message me if you want a role.

Users only. No OCs.


Main characters

Minor characters

  • Napstablook: MickRunner
  • Nice Cream Guy: OPEN!
  • Doggo: GoldenDust66
  • Dogamy: OPEN!
  • Dogaressa: OPEN!
  • Lesser Dog: OPEN!
  • Greater Dog: OPEN!
  • Snowdin Shopkeeper: OPEN!
  • Grillby: OPEN!
  • Monster Kid: OPEN!
  • Temmie (x5): OPEN!
  • Temmie Shopkeeper: Punkred66
  • Gerson: OPEN!
  • RG 01: OPEN!
  • RG 02: OPEN!
  • Muffet: OPEN!
  • Catty: OPEN!
  • Bratty: OPEN!
  • Burgerpants: OPEN!


  • Gaster: Createsans
  • Goner Kid: Corly
  • Gaster Follower 1: OPEN!
  • Gaster Follower 2: OPEN!
  • Gaster Follower 3: OPEN!
  • Annoying Dog: OPEN!

Random Encounter characters

  • Froggit: OPEN!
  • Whimsum: OPEN!
  • Vegetoid: OPEN!
  • Moldsmal: OPEN!
  • Migosp: OPEN!
  • Loox: OPEN!
  • Ice Cap: OPEN!
  • Jerry: OPEN!
  • Chilldrake: OPEN!
  • Aaron: OPEN!
  • Woshua: OPEN!
  • Moldbygg: OPEN!
  • Vulkin: OPEN!
  • Tsundereplane: Oheo4
  • Pyrope: OPEN!
  • Final Froggit: OPEN!
  • Whimsalot: OPEN!
  • Astigmatism: OPEN!
  • Madjick: OPEN!
  • Knight Knight: OPEN!

Single Encounter characters

  • Snowdrake: OPEN!
  • Gyftrot: OPEN!
  • Glyde: OPEN!
  • Mad Dummy: OPEN!
  • So Sorry: OPEN!


  • Memoryhead: OPEN!
  • Endogeny: OPEN!
  • Reaperbird: Laserflower2
  • Lemon Bread: OPEN!
  • Snowdrake's Mother: OPEN!


  • Only Moderators, Bureaucrats or Admins can have more than one role. For those with the status' listed, more than one character is optional.
  • As said above, NO OCS!!
  • Registered users only.

Restricted users

Users not allowed to get a role whatsoever.

User under this category

  • Any non-registered Fandom User.


  • There are two reasons the maker of this AU chose to be Gaster.
    • They can decipher Wingdings without a translator.
    • They obsess over him.

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