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In this AU, Amalgamates are still amalgamates, but Toriel's amalgamates instead of Alphys's ones.

In Battle

As Undertale's amalgamates, bullets are strange, amalgamates fight with bullets that look like a fusion of the bullets of the monsters that melted together. Example, the first amalgamate will summon a bullet which look like Moldbygg one but also Loox and astigmatism ones too.


  • NONE, friends between them and Toriel, all others are enemies per default.


In this AU, amalgamates were made by Toriel inside the true lab. They are very different from the originals from Undertale, but they they still look horrific monsters.

Trivia & Quotes

-They are all made of three different monsters.


Every Routes: ...
So sooorryyy, sooooorryyy so sooorrryyy........ HHHHaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... Wouaoouuuu!....

Graabitttt gruuubbiiitttt...... Haaaiiiiiiiiiii!!!

— Unidentifiable Amalgamate

Appearance and sounds

Five different appearance as in Undertale. There are how they looks:

-Amalgamate 1: Loox, Astigmatism and Moldbygg!!!

Keep saying "Plouck plouck" "Ahhhhh" "hheeeeelllpppp"


-Amalgamate 2: Final Froggit, Knight knight and Madjick!!

Keep saying "Graabbitt" "Gruubbiittt" "Viiioouuuu"


-Amalgamate 3: Jerry, Lesser dog and Ice cap!!

Keep saying "Wouaouuu" "click" "ooouuuuuuuuu"


-Amalgamate 4: Aaron, Woshua and Gyftrot!!

Keep saying "I seeee yyoouuu" "Haaii!" "Imma comming"


-Amalgamate 5: So sorry, Pyrope and Doggo!!

Keep saying "soo sorry" "don't kill" "friend"

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