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Altertale is an Undertale AU created by friisans where six characters have changed their roles with others. Sans has swapped with Toriel, Papyrus with Asgore, and Gaster with Asriel. There are no other swapped characters whatsoever.

AUS of Altertale by friisans include:

Character Swaps

In this universe of characters, 6 characters vary, but some qualities of some characters prevail over the other.

For example, AT Sans is 80% the personality of Тoriel, but only 20% the personality of Sans, and Toriel is 80% the personality of Sans, but only 20% the personality of Toriel. (AlterTale Sans = 80% of UT Toriel's personality + 20% of UT Sans' personality, and AlterTale Toriel = 80% of UT Sans' personality + 20% of UT Toriel's personality)

Character List

all images on this list are made by friisans.


He is the keeper of the ruins and a former king. Sans left the throne and moved into the ruins after his brother betrayed him. He also provides shelter for the 6 children before they leave.


The king of the Underground who is responsible for the deaths of every fallen child. He is burdened with guilt and yearns for forgiveness, and the chance to see his brothers again.

  • Sent out search parties to try and find Sans.
  • Is a boss monster.
  • Asgore personality prevails over the original Papyrus personality.
  • King of the underground and responsible for the death of 6 fallen children. Burdened with a great sense of guilt for what happened. He deeply wants forgiveness and to see his brothers again.
  • The younger brother of Sans, and the older brother of Gaster.
  • Still use bones and "Blue Heart" , but now wields a trident while fighting.
  • Does not use Gaster Blasters.
  • Can use telekinesis.
  • When using his strength, his eyes glow red.
  • Has lived in the castle completely alone for many years.
  • Despite that he killed the fallen children, is actually a very nice and kind monster who cares about his family and the monsters in the underground.
  • Wears red instead of Asgore's purple.
  • He has a blue trident.
  • He is not fond of puns, but accepts them more than UT! Papyrus.
  • He loves to cook spaghetti.
  • Offers you spaghetti before you battle him.
  • At the end of a Pacifist Route, Sans forgives Papyrus, but it took much longer to restore the relationship.
  • Probably hundreds of years old, but looks about 30.
  • Papyrus no longer speaks in all uppercase.

The late prince of the Underground and the younger sibling of the skelebros. The first monster since the war to come across a fallen human.


A mysterious monster who worked for King Papyrus as a Royal Scientist. He was wiped out of existence after falling into the void, but Toriel and a third of his followers seem to remember him.


Young and charismatic fluffy bun who dreams of becoming a royal guard. He is pure in heart and kind to everyone he meets.


The lazy sentry of Snowdin and the first monster you meet after the Ruins. Simple and fun, she likes to help Frisk get past her brother, Asgore, and his puzzles.


Fun facts

  • The creator of the AU, Friisans, when confronted with the question "Is there Soriel in Altertale?" simply replied "hell yeah."
  • Friisans has also spoken on the topic of Fontcest and Goatcest, saying that they are not (and never will be) canon.



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