The Overseer, The Giver to the Monsters, a Kid that was able to walk through the barrier freely He gave the monsters everything shown in the game, such as clothes, food, and etc..

He was sitting at the end, waiting for you guys, to welcome them to his world, during the pasifist route. And Gaze at the sun with you guys.

But something was off...

When Chara wanted to delete this world, one timeline, frisk said lets adventure out of the barrier and explore, and Chara took it as an idea to kill humans too.

The Overseer saw Frisk alone walking out of the Barrier, and The Overseer knew that Frisk had more LOVE then Normal.

So they fought as he was sitting there taking the blame. He said that it was his fault. Saying that Frisk should have done Pacifist.


His left eye cries, nostop.

He recalls Sans as his best friend, His friend that sat down with him and drank some Ketchup.

He recalls Sans as the Judge and The Monsters "Defender"

He Recalls HIMSELF as the Avenger

He calls himself as him being the Monster Determination, and him helping get human souls and planning the idea of their escape.


*When the battle starts, it will say something like "You feel your sins crawling on your back"

For him it says, "You feel that he has more Determination"

And his lines:

1: You are the "Monster"

2: Why did you just kill everyone? Did they make you mad? I told them to treat this human more nicely?

3: Huh, You don't like playing Nice?

4: I got this from Gaster, he gave it to me as a gift. Sans got one too, they are nice, are they not *uses a gaster blaster, that it's left eye crys*


4: *DIES*

5: Next time kiddo' Do pacifist,

*Heart Grows brighter and enters stage 2, a much longer stage, but i will do those lines, if this ever gets some comments :T*


He looks like sans more or less but human, with more of a high color to him, and his left eye is crying, and his right hand is in his hoodie, and his left is holding a huge eye, that is also crying


His Eye that he holds will change color, and the ability's that he use changes corresponding the color of the eye, such as if the eye turns blue, then his attacks turn blue, and such, (This can change mid-attack)

He can use the Gaster Blaster, (Gift for helping Gaster)

He sometimes eats, and rarely you can find him drinking ketchup. *It heals him*

He summons orbs on the side of the box, His right hand cannot move you but the attack, changing the position of the orbs, (moving them and doing damage to you) He can change the orbs with the color of his BIG EYE, and can sometimes change directions anytime.

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