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The is not Jakei's but a RP made by the guy in the infobox Vincent (he's pretty rude but still a awesome guy)

About the AU

Alternate Underverse consits of the The Alternate Underverse Team and thats about It.


The team deals with battling each other and the remaining evil Sins of 12. The Sins recruit GZTale! Papyrus and the Team recruit Ganz. If you want more infomation about the characters check the pages on them. To say multiple ships happpen and in the end of Arc 1 we end off with Spibi becoming canon. Ship that also become canon is GanzXDiana and MagutoXZara


Happens after a 3 year time skip. The entire group live on the surface in Underswap. Currently they are dealing with a group kidnapping humans and monsters.


  • There is an alternate timeline where all characters die or become un-operatable called Corrupted Underverse consisting of Karma being the only member alive and Jenny and others forming a new Underverse team avenging their predecessors.
  • Also there is another Alternate Underverse timeline that is like AlterTale has been Taken. But, instead your OCs save or restore the Alternate Underverse Team.

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