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Alternatale is an AU created by OPFan37, originating as a Fanfiction. Instead of Frisk, the story follows a paper-thin monster named Kopi (Spelled 'Copi' in the Genocide timeline) who wakes up in the Ruins without any memories, and journeys with Frisk to recover them. The only difference between this AU and the original Undertale is the two OC's; Kopi and Italic, who affect the story in different ways. Both also have the power to travel between a Pacifist timeline and a Genocide timeline, though Kopi's traversing is unexplained.



A paper-thin monster awakens in the Ruins and is greeted by a monster magician with his face on his hat, named Italic, who introduces him to the area. The monster calls themselves Kopi, and Italic tells them directions to leave before disappearing. Kopi quickly runs into frisk, and the two begin travelling together. They soon reach Toriel's house and Toriel causes Kopi to be conflicted about leaving, but the two of them decide to leave nonetheless, confronting Toriel and pleading with her. Eventually, she allows them to pass, and the two of them encounter Flowey before leaving.

Suddenly, the area seems to glitch out around Kopi, and they find themselves at the beginning of the Ruins again, next to a horrified Italic. He explains that they are now in a Genocide timeline, and is unable to figure out how Copi was able to get there, and finds it too risky to use his own power to travel between the two timelines with Copi, so the two set off to find some answers. However, as they travel, the dust of murdered monsters suddenly reform into horrible deformed monsters which Italic calls GHOSTS (Stands for Grieving Hosts) and Copi is forced to fight them. The two of them reach the balcony overlooking HOME, where Copi finds the Toy Knife and Faded Ribbon. upon picking them up, they have a flashback they don't remember of a child being captured. Journeying through Toriel's now empty house, Copi retrieves some chocolate from the fridge before going down the stairs, and facing Toriel's GHOST. Though heartbroken, Copi is forced to fight and destroy it to relieve Toriel of the pain. The two of them encounter Genocide Flowey, before finally reaching the end.


Upon going through the doors a second time, Copi glitches out once again and finds themselves back in the Pacifist timeline with Frisk, where they quickly meet Sans and Papyrus. Whilst Sans amuses Frisk, Kopi dislikes him for unexplained reasons. The two travel, meeting the skeleton brothers several times, before arriving in Snowdin, where Kopi purchases the Tough Glove and Manly Bandanna, triggering another flashback in which they remember a child freezing to death. The two encounter papyrus once again, and eventually Spare him, triggering the date event which the two pass with flying colors. They continue on once again, only for Kopi's vision to glitch out again and find themselves back in the Genocide timeline, with no Italic beside them. A saddened Copi cries out in frustration at this.

Copi eventually musters up the courage to press onward, and angrily fights the GHOSTS along the way, until they reach an empty Snowdin. Kopi finds Sans in the empty bar, and the two talk about the current situation. it is hinted that Sans knows Copi is from another timeline, which Copi confirms themselves when he leaves. Copi slides under the door of the hidden room behind their house and finds research papers on a scientist who was studying Alternate Universes, but is unnamed. They also find research papers written in hands, which they are unable to read. Before they arrive at the end of Snowdin, Flowey confronts them, and begins taunting them by saying how Frisk is the human murdering everybody. This angers Copi and makes them demand Flowey take it back. When the flower continues to taunt them, an enraged Copi attacks, and the two battle. Copi's eyes turn red during the battle, and they severely injure Flowey, who escapes before he can be killed, causing a still mad Copi to slice down all the trees around them in a fit of rage, before admitting to themselves that they knew Flowey was right all along. Copi returns to the Pacifist timeline, but it is clear they are still scarred.


Kopi and Frisk meet up with Sans and have the conversation in Grillby's before they continue onward. The two of them continue onward and find the Ballet Shoes and Old Tutu, triggering another flashback of Kopi's where they remember a child being chased by a suit of armour. Upon seeing Undyne, Kopi remembers her and instantly becomes afraid of her, also meeting Monster Kid along the way. They continue onward until they are directly confronted by Undyne and fall off the bridge, awaking on a bed of buttercups. The two of them fight the Mad Dummy, with Kopi showing signs of their more violent personality, before Napstablook arrives and they hang out at his house. When they meet up with the Nice Cream Salesman again, Italic is there enjoying some. Kopi talks to Italic about their return to the Genocide timeline, and Italic expresses remorse that he wasn't there for them, and promises to help them from now on.

The duo met Gerson and purchase the Torn Notebook and Cloudy Glasses, triggering another flashback which has Kopi remember a child being assaulted by Undyne before the flashback ended, causing their fear towards her to turn into anger. the two arrive in Temmie Village and joke around for a bit before continuing on. When they are confronted by Undyne again, Kopi prepares to fight her, but is interrupted by Monster Kid. Frisk disagrees with Kopi's violence, and the amnesiac admits that he is not as good as Frisk, and only wants to protect them, though Frisk has doubts that this is true. They continue on in silence until they find the remainder of the Echo Flower conversation. Frisk admits to Kopi that they went to Mt. Ebott because they were told to, and it is strongly suggested that in this AU Frisk is an orphan, before they collapse into Kopi's arms crying, and the monster consoles them. Friks and Kopi make a pinky promise that they would always be beside each other.

The two of them encounter Monster Kid and Undyne once more before Undyne fully confronts them, and Kopi and Undyne fight. Upon countering an attack, a red human Soul emerges out of Kopi's body, however, it is broken into seven pieces, and quickly retreats back inside his body. Frisk continues to pull Kopi away from the battle so that they can run away, until they reach the edge of Hotland where Undyne corners them. A weakened Kopi faces her again, and suddenly their eyes and Soul turn purple, and they begin speaking like Undyne had killed them. (It is highly implied that the person possessing Kopi's body is the Soul of Perseverance.) Before striking the final blow, Frisk consoles the hurt possessor, and Kopi passes out.

Upon awakening, Kopi has no recollection of being possessed, and frisk drags them to Undyne's house, despite the monsters protests. The date at Undyne's house plays out identical to how it goes in Undertale, merely with Kopi's inclusion, until the end, where Undyne speaks with Kopi over the phone. She tells them how she did chase two children, but the first one passed out from fright, and the second fell off of the ledge and injured themselves, thus, Undyne never directly hurt them and Kopi's anger was misplaced. An embarrassed Kopi apologises and then berates themselves before they continue on, and once more Kopi is warped back to the Genocide timeline, with Italic beside him, and the two journey together.

Copi continues destroying GHOSTS without remorse, worrying Italic, until they reach the broken bridge. Italic tells Kopi that they must think about their perspective, before pushing them off of the bridge, leaving Copi alone once again. Copi presses onward and finds Gaster's door, along with the man inside. Copi is unable to understand Gaster's language, and immediately assumes he is an enemy and attacks him. Gaster and Kopi battle, but Gaster flees before he can be killed. Copi ponders the language and remembers it from the lab behind the skeleton brothers' house, taking the Riverperson's raft back there and retrieves a translation sheet, though it only goes from A to O. on the way back, the Riverperson recites their line about the man who speaks in hands, causing Copi to question them, but they give no definite answers, but also relate to italic by calling him 'the man with a face on his head'. Copi returns to the area where they and Frisk made their promise, and laments that it is impossible for them to always be together when Copi continues to change between timelines.

Copi runs into a crying Monster Kid who tells them Undyne is fighting up ahead. Copi arrives just in time to witness Undyne's death, and comes face to face with the murderous human. Initially thinking it is Frisk, Copi denies this and instead remembers the killers real name; Chara. Before Chara can attack Italic appears and transports Copi to safety, saying he had still kept an eye on the amnesiac as he promised. Italic then proposes to battle against Copi so that he can clear his mind and find the answer he wants to hear, which Copi doesn't agree to, but Italic proceeds with anyway. Italic turns the battle into a magic show whilst Copi fights with their usual angered nature, until they make a realisation and start having fun as they battle.

Upon the end of the battle, Kopi confirms that they understand what italic meant now. That everybody in the Underground fights for a special reason, not because they want to kill them. An injured but happy Italic confirms this to be true and is glad that Kopi has learnt this. He tries to teleport away, but finds he is too weak and has taken too much damage. Kopi becomes distraught, but italic assures them it is not their fault. Italic tells Kopi that they are a good person and that they should never forget that, before he turns to dust. Kopi cries out in sorrow at the death of his friend, and returns to the Pacifist timeline where they cry into Frisk's shoulder.


Frisk consoles Kopi, and the two of them continue onward, meeting Alphys and Mettaton. The two of them continue through the cooking area where they can finally see the CORE, only to find out Kopi's hands have been baked into cakes from the cake mix stuck on them. The two manage to pry the cakes off and laugh about it, before eating them together as Kopi laments in their head that soon they must say goodbye to Frisk. The two of them meet Sans once again and balance hot dogs on Frisk's head until the tower collapses, then they continue on and find the Stained Apron, making Kopi have another flashback in which a child dies from the heat. This memory causes them to sing 'You Are My Sunshine' whilst their eyes and Soul are green, showing they are possessed, before they return to normal, and tell Frisk that it was 'her' favorite song.

They continue past the bomb section of Mettaton's trials, with Kopi growing suspicious about the perfect timing of all of the events shown far, indicating that they know it is Alphys' doing. When they see the CORE once again, Kopi suddenly hears six voices in their head saying different things about Asgore, and Kopi is left wondering what happened. The pair meet up with Muffet, who supposedly flirts with Kopi from their perspective, causing them to quickly leave until they encounter her again and fight. Kopi uses what they learned from Italic to find out the reason Muffet wants to steal Frisk's Soul, and the amnesiac convinces her that they are on the spiders side, before they continue on.

They try and fail Mettaton's colored tile maze as Alphys saves them again. Kopi, now having enough, requests Frisk's phone and falls behind the human to attempt to call Alphys, but is unsuccessful as they don't have her phone number. Kopi angrily yells that they know it is Alphys' doing, and the six voices give their opinions again, causing Kopi to admit defeat and state that he misses Italic. Kopi goes to MTT Resort and finds Bratty and Catty's shop, purchasing the Empty Gun and Cowboy Hat, making them remember a child that died right as they were about to leave the CORE. Kopi remembers that six children fell and died, and tries talking with the voices, but is unsuccessful. They then correct themselves, remembering that there in fact seven children before Frisk, and wonders who the seventh one was and why they don't hear their voice. Kopi finds Frisk inside the Resort, and the human books a room whilst Kopi notices something is wrong with them. They look into the restaurant and are surprised when they see Sans' blue eye and his smile staring back at them before they disappear in to the dark.

Kopi and Frisk book a room for the night, and Frisk falls asleep in the bed. Kopi journeys outside of the resort looking for Sans, and instead finds a door, inside of which they find a field of dandelions with a female monster sitting in the middle. After Kopi introduces themselves the girl introduces herself as Red. After Kopi mentions Frisk, Red immediately attacks them, with Kopi initially defending themselves, until they begin fighting back, saying that they want to fight Red, but not hurt her. Kopi challenges Red to a duel, saying that if they knock her sword out of their hand, they win. Red does not follow along with this though and attacks them with the Delta Runes as Kopi's Soul and eyes turn orange. Kopi is badly injured, causing a distraught Red to stop her attack, with Kopi still wanting to continue. Red accepts that Kopi is a good monster, and she follows the rules of Kopi's duel, they manage to knock her sword out of her hand, defeating her. The two of them then start calmly talking, with Kopi sharing a Cinnamon Bunny with Red and throwing her sword like a stick, making them develop a bond. Kopi eventually has to leave, but promises to see Red again, and after they leave, they call Undyne to ask about Red, looking behind them to see that the door is gone, before finding out that red is an orphan.

The story is currently incomplete. This will be updated as the story is updated.

The A/N Story

Starting from Chapter 8, a mysterious figure began appearing at the end of each chapter in the Authors Notes. It talks directly to the readers, and has a habit of calling them 'Filthy Gods'. It also inadvertently refers to every reader who has left a review (This is most likely the authors own way of thanking everyone who leaves a review).

At the end of Chapter 14, the figure fights with Ink!Sans, but flees at the end of Chapter 15.

At the end of Chapter 16, the figure states that many think he is Error!Sans. But they deny this, and say they are something far worse that the readers will know soon enough.

At the end of Chapter 18, the figure kidnapped PaperJam and angrily raged at his existence, before brutally breaking one of the AU Sans' ribs, calling it a warning of things to come, and that nobody will be spared.

At the end of Chapter 19, the figure shows disdain towards Gaster, but also tells the reader how to read his language properly.

At the end of Chapter 20, the figure is not present, and the A/N says: '*You expect to hear something*...*But you don't*'

At the end of Chapter 21, the figure laughs at Italic's death, and says that the reader doesn't really care about his death, and to stop crying 'crocodile tears'.

At the end of Chapter 22, the figure calls Asgore a big wuss and states that they hate Alphys' attitude.

At the end of Chapter 23, the figure states that nobody cares about Kopi because they are just an OC, and the figure states that they know this because nobody cares about them, hinting that the figure is an OC.

At the end of Chapter 24, the figure reveals Kopi's current Stats, and then states that Kopi is supposed to kill.

At the end of Chapter 25, the figure says to call them by the name Anon. Establishing their current name for them.


Kopi/Copi: The main protagonist. They are a paper thin monster who can launch powerful punches and turn their hands into daggers. For some reason, they can hear voices in their head, and have memories of the six dead children. They also travel between the Pacifist and Genocide timelines through unknown means.

Italic: A magician monster who has the power to travel between timelines. He served as Kopi's guide, though acted rather eccentric. He was shown to love performing and entertaining others. He died after his fight with Copi.

Frisk: The main protagonist of Undertale. In Alternatale, they can talk, and remain gender-neutral. They are depicted as a friendly, happy-go-lucky person who loves everything about the Underground, though is a bit naive.

Anon: A mysterious figure who appears at the end of each chapter starting from Chapter 8. They are shown to be cruel, cunning and ruthless, and is well-known in AU's as they attacked Underswap!Sans, fought Ink!Sans and grimaced about PaperJam. It refers to the readers as 'Filthy Gods' showing malice towards them and hinting at a greater knowledge on par with Flowey's.

The Six Children: Like in Undertale, the six children are dead before the start of the story. However, Kopi has their memories of their deaths, and it is strongly hinted that they can hear their voices. The six children also have the power to possess Kopi as shown through how Perseverance and Kindness turned the monsters Soul and eyes the same color as their respective colors.

Red: Red appears similarly to how she does in Undertale Red, only fighting Kopi instead. She fights similarly to how she does in the game, and develops a bond with Kopi after the two of them fight.


  • As of Chapter 24, Kopi is LV 16, with 12000 EXP, 12800 HP, 68 ATK, 22 DEF and 10 MDR. (The HP was calculated by a reader in the Reviews)
  • Kopi's two variations of their name can be related to Frisk and Chara. In Pacifist, they are called Kopi, with the same 'K' at the end of Frisk's name. In Genocide, they are called Copi, with a 'C' like the beginning of Chara's name.
  • Frisk is hinted as being an orphan in this AU.
  • The Child of Kindness is stated to be Female in this AU.
  • Other AU's are shown through the A/N Story. The author has stated that other AU's will be incorporated later on.
  • Chapter 17, the longest chapter to date, is stated to have been a birthday present to a reader.
  • In Chapter 19, Gaster's speech is bolded and appears to make no sense. The way to read it is to look at the letters on a keyboard as if they were mirrored. (eg. T would be Y. R would be U. E would be I. W would be O. Q would be P, and reversed, so that Y would be T, U would be R etc.)


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