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Alterfell is a fell AU of Altertale, which is created by friisans. All of the information on these pages that is not specifically written as speculation is either directly from the creator or her page. Please do not add any info that is not canon, unless you put it under speculation. There are many different ways people have perceived Alterfell but only one is truly canon. Thank you!

Character List

These are all the character names and appearance changes. Asriel and Gaster pages are both WIPs.


Papyrus has jagged teeth and pitch black eye-sockets, with a crack along his right eye. He has a color scheme of red, black, gold, and silver. He wears a red cloak underneath a black one with a silver top and two gold stripes.


Sans' attire is a mix between Altertale and Underfell. He wears classic Toriel's robe and a black hood. The robe has red sleeves, a black torso with yellow lines down each side, and a red outlined golden delta rune. He wears black slippers and red pants. He also has a golden tooth.


Toriel wears a red dress and black "Underfell Sans" jacket. Her fur is white and she has goat horns. She wears a black necklace around her neck and grey makeup around her eyes. Her eyes are red and yellow.


Asgore wears his battle outfit on which he wears a long red scarf, a black shirt with golden buttons and spiked shoulders, black gloves with long spikes, and black pants. Asgore also wears red boots with black stripes and spikes and a red belt which has a horned skull in it. He has scar on the side of his left eye.


all art by friisans

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