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Alphystale is an Undertale AU that takes place after a near-genocide ending (where the protagonist kills everyone until after the Undyne the Undying battle) However after killing Photoshop Flowey they did not reset. Alphys became the queen of the Underground and began do more research how to break the barrier.


  • Protagonist: Can SAVE and LOAD files, Can only reset a world to the point where they enter the Underground
  • Nabstablook: Depressed and reclusive yet determined enough to kill the protagonist
  • Sans: Aware of different Aus, Error!Sans, Ink!Sans, etc. Reclusive and way more insane after Papyrus's death. He wants the protagonist dead to advenge Papyrus
  • Papyrus: Dead
  • Toriel: Dead
  • Flowey: Dead
  • Jerraton: The forced leader of the Royal gaurd after Undynes death
  • Mettaton Mark. #2: Alphys created it to replace the emptyness after the death of Mettaton Neo.
  • Asgore: Dead
  • Alphys: the new president of the Underground in place of Asgore
    Better Sans Sprite



Many years later another human falls into the Underground. When the human walks into the ruins they are greeted by Nabstablook who flees away from the room. Nabstablook is encountered many times in the ruins each time he flees the room. They fight against Amalgamates (which have fled the true lab after the populations discovery of Alphys experiments). They can flee, or act to be able to spare the Amalgamates, or they can build up Determination to be able to kill the amalgamates. At the end of the ruins they meet Nabstablook who enters a fight with the protagonist. Nabstablook is more Determined than his Undertale counterpart and uses stronger attacks to kill the protagonist, because of his determination he can be killed. If the protagonist chooses not to fight, Nabstablook realizes that they are not like Frisk (Chara) and lets them leave. If the protagonist kills Nabstablook he dies a slow death as he melts into the floor.

After existing the ruins the protagonist enters Snowdin. Like in Undertale the protagonist is greeted by Sans. However unlike in Undertale Sans appears very depressed and instead of "Greeting" the protagonist he Judges them. Only after that he walks away without saying a word. They then solve puzzles like in Undertale. After they reach Snowdin town they are greeted by the few living residents who all seem reclined and stay inside their homes/shops. If the protagonist enters Grillbys they will meet Sans again. He mumbles to them about Papyrus, Undyne, Asgore and the other monsters. Then he walks out of Grillbys and goes home. At the end of Snowdin the protagonist meets Sans again. Sans overcome by Grief strikes out at the player attempting to kill them seeing them as a threat to this world (even if they killed no one). At the end of the Battle Sans falls asleep like in Undertale. That's when they can flee or kill Sans.

After fleeing/killing Sans they enter Waterfall. Since Undyne is dead she does not appear, instead a Cyborg Guard named (Jerraton) hinders the protagonists progress through Waterfall. At the end of Waterfall the protagonist meets Jerraton one final time. They enter a battle similar to Undyne's battle except that spears can come from eight directions instead of four. To spare/kill Jerraton the protagonist must fight them. After smashing the robotic shell, then all that can be seen is Jerry. Jerry looks for a ride home and asks if you can take him then you can chose to kill or spare him. After you take Jerry home he rewards you -1 gold (0 gold)

Then after they enter Hotland they are greeted by Mettaton Mark. #2 who claims that the original model was destroyed in a "semi-heroic" final battle against a evil person (Chara) They then lead the protagonist through Hotland and to the Final corridor. Before they reach the Final corridor Mettaton 2 malfunctions and starts to attack them. The protagonist can chose to fight or show mercy until the glitch wears off and Mettaton 2 can be spared.

If the player had not killed Sans he will appear in the Judgement hall and Judge the player. If they killed everyone except for him the lights go out for a few seconds and then come back on the reveal that Sans had taken his life. If they had kill no one Sans apologizes for attacking the protagonist and offers that they join him at Grillby's someday.

When they enter the throne room, Alphys looks at them as recollection builds in her eyes. On a Genocide route she injects herself with determination and the final battle starts. After she is killed on a genocide route she says: "Undyne I'm coming home!" and then melts. If the protagonist is on a pacifist/neutral route she will hesitantly battle the protagonist without injecting herself. If the play does not fight she will succumb to the fact that not all timelines and Universes are evil and will spare the protagonist. Alphys sees the power in their soul says that their soul alone would be enough to break the barrier. They are left with the choice to leave by themselves or die to free all other monsters.


Pacifist Selfish: The protagonist leaves the Underground without killing anyone

Pacifist Selfless: The protagonist kills no one and then sacrifices themselves for the Underground to go free

Genocide: The protagonist kills everyone then leaves the underground only to have a forced reset so history could not repeat itself

Sans: If you kill every major character except Sans he becomes ruler. He does a bad job and is eventaly ordered to be executed by himself

Jerry: Jerry becomes ruler and makes everything in the world fit for Jerry. He plans to smash the Barrier with his "jerryness"

Mettaton: Mettaton becomes the ruler and wants to find away out of "this dump" and get to the surface

Nabstablook: Nabstablook regrets letting them go and seeks vengeance on the protagonist

Together ending: Only Mettaton and Nabstablook bosses are spared they marry and make the Underground a very happy place


This AU is currently being developed by Springlord7 and links will be provided when finished

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