Alphys is very similar to Undyne from undertale, and because of this she instead has a warrior personality though she uses an axe in combat, and is easily angered to begin with and chases you constantly until being tricked across the bridge to Hotland and you get her talking when you see a page of a popular anime fall out her pocket due to fast running to keep up with you after the run over the bridge and she gets curious about what you know.

Unlike like the Undyne battle in the main timeline she offers mercy after you inform about anime's existence and what it is about, (though you can choose too kill her during her question about anime) and so she comes to accept you when she decides the best way to defeat you is to become your friend (though this is most likely an excuse and she simply wants to know more about anime, BUT you do in time form a good friendship even though you're such a weakling).

She is the leader of the royal guard.

She calls you about anime frequently.

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