Fusionx963 takes the role of Alphys in Self-InsertTale.



Fusionx963, preferring to be called "Dr. Fusion", is a hyperactive yellow lizard. She likes watching anime, Let's Play videos, playing video games and other stuff. She's more confident than her UT counterpart.


The only real difference is her clothing. Fusion wears a blue lab coat with a name tag that says, "Dr. Fusion" and the symbols "❍︎♏︎⬥︎ ❍︎♏︎⬥︎" on her right sleeve. These symbols are "mew mew" in Wingdings 1. While she says it's so no one else will mistake it for their own at the dry cleaner's, it is really a reminder of her predecessor: Dr. Createsans.


After the mysterious disappearance of Createsans, Fusion was hired by Asgore to be the new Royal Scientist. At one point she met Mettaton and offered to make a body for them.

She helps the protagonist on their adventures through Hotland.

More to be added.

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