Um... this is normally the time that Faxaton would come bursting through the wall- *Faxston bursts through wall* like that. -Dusty


GoldenDust66 (Prefers to be called Dusty) takes the place of Alphys in the self-insert AU, PlayerTale.


Dusty is a bipedal Nubian goat, wearing a blue-tinted lab coat and glasses.


Dusty often gets nervous, and is very antisocial. Unlike Alphys, however, he isn't shy. He also says that the Amalgamates are a result of 'trial and error'. He also has the habit of binge watching Ryan Higa videos, instead of anime.



Dusty and Faxaton get along quite well. Dusty eventually builds a robot suit out of bones for Faxaton, adding human-hunting features to it.


Unlike in Undertale, Dusty actually doesn't like N1Xol5.


Dusty cares for the Amalgamates after... the Determination and accidental melting of them. Oops.


After the mysterious disappearance of Fusion, Dusty was hired by Kkcantgetright to be the new Royal Scientist. At one point he met Faxs, who wanted to become a robot with a gaming TV show. So Dusty got to work right away (but as he was short on metals, he had to use bones instead.) And he also added human-hunting features/weapons to it (such as an XBox controller cannon).


  • Dusty - HP: 1045, ATK: 25, DEF 10. The Royal Scientist. Loves to binge watch Ryan Higa videos while eating pizza rolls. [Check]
  • You flirt with him. He has no reaction. [Flirt #1]
  • You flirt again. He's a bit weirded out. [Flirt #2]
  • You flirt once more. He begins to blush. [Flirt #3]
  • You flirt once again. He's a deep red now. [Flirt #4]
  • Once again, you flirt with him. He thinks you're now being serious. [Flirt #5]
  • You try to flirt again, but he's clearly distracted. [Flirt #6 onward]
  • You insult him. He doesn't seem to care. [Insult #1-#5]
  • You call him stupid. He's clearly heard it before. [Insult #6-#10]
  • You say Ryan Higa sucks. He's pissed, and you've gone too far. You're dead. [Insult #11] (Afterwards, he kills you.)
  • You insult him. He thought you cared about him. [Insult after Flirt]
  • You insult him again. Congrats, you just made a goat cry. Are you happy with yourself? [Insult again]
  • You say his glasses are nice. He smiles. [Complement #1]
  • You say the blue hue of his lab coat fits him. He's really smiling. [Complement #2]
  • You seem to have run out of things to compliment him on, shockingly. [Complement #3 onward]
  • You dab in front of him. His smile fades. [Dab #1]
  • You dab again. He's starting to cringe. [Dab #2-#5]
  • You keep on dabbing. He hates you now. [Dab #6-#9]
  • You dab once more. He's going to kill you. [Dab #10] (Afterwards, he kills you.)

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