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* The contents of this page are from a non-canon source, and thus, have no bearing on the official lore of the AU series. But sometime, it may became canon, later... Don't you think?

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*IMPORTANT* This is a fan-made boss fight and is not in the actual Undertale game.

Alphys NEO is the boss that only appears on the Genocide Route. She is considered to be the most difficult enemy.She is harder than Mettaton NEO whose does absolutely nothing but instantly takes between 900,000 and 999,999 damage.

Alphys uses Mettaton's attacks and uses yellow mode... She also uses straight beam projectiles that emerge from skeletal faces, known as "Gaster Blasters."

When she loses all of her hp, she resumes the battle after gaining determination. As the fight progresses she continues to melt along with deteriorating the music with her fast forward and rewind. after surviving the phase, she stands there to finally be taken out.


  • Gaster Blasters
  • Yellow mode
  • Mettaton's Attacks
  • Lasers (Blue and Orange)
  • Colored Puzzle maze
  • Fast forward and rewind
  • Dividing the battle box into 9 pieces





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So, you're the one who's been killing all of my friends. I've made so many mistakes, and stoping you might be my last. Then, the killing. I couldn't look away, all those innocent people. Papyrus, ... U-Undyne. I'LL KILL YOU!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Um,... I-it's just an internal transformation.


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The pain. This is what I made them feel. ...I deserve this.

Easter Egg

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Flavor Text

  • Dr. Alphys's greatest invention. [Check]
  • Alphys NEO blocks the way! [Encounter]
  • Alphys NEO is trembling
  • Almost.
  • Alphys NEO is barely holding on.


  • When she yells out her special attack, she admits that someone else yelled it better than she did. While it was most likely papyrus, it could've been sans.
  • When you hit the final blow as she melts, she smiles.
  • When she says "This is what I made them feel." She's referring to the amalgamates, as they were determined and started to melt because of it.
  • In one attack, the Mettabots are positioned specifically in a style similar to the retro game Space Invaders.

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