Do you, uh, wanna go... to the dump?
— Alphys to Chara

Alphys is a supporting character in the AU Forevertale, created by Cinder. She is good friends with Chara and Catty and Bratty. She is not the royal scientist; she works at the Core.


Alphys is a short, yellow, reptilian monster. She has scales, round glasses, protruding teeth. She normally wears a light blue collared shirt and a black skirt with light blue polka-dots, but she will wear a lab over her normal cloths while at work.


Alphys is nerdy, loves watching anime, and loves going to the dump.

She is very similar to the original Alphys, but she is more confidant in herself and doesn't feel like she has to lie as much in this AU. This is because of several reasons. She never even met Mettaton, and therefore she never became the royal scientist or made the amalgamates. Another reason is because she became friends with Chara, who was a very supportive friend. Even though she is more confident, she still will become nervous in high pressure situations, and she can be shy when she isn't adjusted to a new situation.



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